On 10 December 2011, Human Rights Day, Amnesty International is shining a light on individuals whose human rights are violated and bringing hundreds of thousands of people together to take action on their behalf.

Write a letter, send an SMS message or take action online and join thousands of activists in demanding that the rights of these individuals and communities are upheld. Together we can bring about a real change in people’s lives.


To produce a 60 sec film based on an open brief, and therefore write a concept that reflects the global issue and the campaign.


We delivered 5 ideas on the table. We developed two of them, to then have a solid finalised treatment with this one. The aim was to push for a very strong idea and be able visually to be as powerful. We persuaded Amnesty that was the best answer and Jablon Productions managed to bring an incredible production value to it, considering the low budget.


The letter writing marathon ended on Saturday 17 December and the last of the petitions and letters are making their way to the various heads of state and individuals at risk. Your efforts and sacrifices to make the film possible were really appreciated by our team and the Individuals at Risk team who run the letter writing marathon. They, and we, thought it was the best piece of AV work to be put out in a long long time by Amnesty. We are very nearly passed the 1 million letters mark – which would be a new record (last year 700,000) – and the Individuals at Risk team believe that the promo made the difference. We had more interest than ever before from our in-country offices around the world, which meant we ended up reversioning the film in over 20 languages!

AV Team AMNESTY INT office, London


Credit List:

Client:                              Amnesty International Secretariat, London WC1

Production Company:  Jablon TV
Creative Concept:          Toma Jablon
Producer:                        Kristin Rathje
Director:                          Toma Jablon
Associate Producer:      Elin Clements
Production Assistant:   Tamara Downer
First AD:                          Kerry Green
DOP:                                 David Raedeker
Focus Puller:                   Hopi Dimattio
DIT:                                   Daniel Evans
Grip:                                  Phil Murray
Gaffer:                               Andy Lowe
Electrician:                       Jenny Dyson
Set Designer:                   Malin Lindholm
Art Dep Ass:                     Stuart Mackay
Hair & Make Up:             Nikki Palmer
Runner:                             Jim Nilsson
Runner:                             Alexandra Graves

Cast:                                   Laila Alj
Agent:                                Red Hot Entertainment

Camera Equipment:       Movietech (Jeremy)
Lighting Equipment:      Panalux (Ole)

Post production:
Editing:                              Toma Jablon
Grading:                             Toma Jablon
Flame Ops:                        Mike Skrgatic and James Allen (Time Based Arts)

Sound Composer:             Jean Gabriel Becker (Sound And Sons)