Gérard Bertrand - L'Art de Vivre

Back in 2008, Toma Jablon has been approached by renowned french wine maker Mr Gérard Bertrand in order to produce the company corporate’s film.
With flair and sensitivity, we proposed few options on how to promote his wide range of wine and as well the hotel and live music events the company is doing every year.
We produced a 7 mn film voiced over in 3 languages. This is a teaser, commercial length.
We managed to pull a great production value with a very small crew, both in production and post-productions. The film have been used by the company for 9 years.
It was a valuable tool to Mr Bertrand’s worldwide success.

Client:              SAV Gérard Bertrand
Productions:  Jablon Productions
Director:          Toma Jablon
Cameraman:   David Raedeker
Edit & Grade: Toma Jablon